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Tree trimming in Arvada, tree removal, and tree care are necessary when maintaining your property. Large trees will drop leaves all over your landscape, branches could fall and cause injuries, or these trees could damage your home. Removing unwieldy, unhealthy tree branches is a dangerous and daunting task! Working with a certified arborist helps you make the best decisions for your home and family, and our team at Tree Trimming Arvada can help.

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What Areas Do We Provide Tree Trimming Services in?

We service the Arvada area including, but not limited to the following cities: Denver, Aurora, Wheat Ridge, Westminster, Sherrelwood, Applewood, Federal Heights, Lakewood, Welby, Thornton, Golden, Northglenn, Broomfield, Commerce City, Superior, Englewood, Mount Olivet, Semper, Utah Junction, Spivak, Zuni, Berkley, and more.

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Trimming and Training Young Trees

Trimming young trees is an art that must be completed with care. At Tree Trimming Arvada, our arborists treat young trees standing between 10 and 15 feet tall before they overgrow. This process trains the tree to grow correctly, improves the tree’s health, and prevents tangled branches. 

If you plan to plant new trees in Arvada, call us for an estimate of when to trim them. They take shape more beautifully after training, and a gorgeous crown on a tree enhances the value of your property. The crown also prevents damage to the rest of the tree, and we can start the process early for the best results. If you’ve moved to a new home, we can survey your property and determine which trees need trimming or training.

Pruning Evergreens

Pruning evergreens is a core competency at Tree Trimming Arvada as these trees do not require as much care as a young or dormant tree. Pines and spruces can overgrow, quickly appear unkempt, and block roadways, driveways, or pathways. Allow our local experts to prune these trees for your safety and the safety of your guests. 

If evergreens grow too close to your home, we will trim each branch appropriately and alert you to any damage we find. We also work with evergreen shrubs that can turn into beautiful accent pieces around your property with the proper care. 

Tree Trimming Arvada understands that you are open to liability if your trees damage other homes or injure people on your land. We also carry proper insurance and train our teams regularly to prevent injuries on the job.

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Trimming Dormant Trees

Dormant trees are different from evergreens, young trees, and shrubs because you should only trim them at specific points in the year. At Tree Trimming Arvada, we know how to identify and trim dormant trees, including fruit and nut trees such as apple, walnut, fig, or cherry. 

Contact us to identify dormant trees on your property, schedule trimming for trees during their dormant season, or determine when these trees are no longer viable. This maintenance is essential when dealing with storms in the spring and summer—if you do not trim dormant trees, they are more likely to suffer damage. 

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Shrub Pruning and Care

Shrub pruning prevents overgrowth around the home, keeping out insects, vines, and weeds. When you cannot see under your shrubs, you never know what could be thriving down there. Because your shrubs should take on a beautiful shape and enhance your home’s exterior, we keep them trim at all times. 

In addition to trimming, our Tree Trimming Arvada team fertilizes these shrubs to ensure healthy growth. We keep your shrubs as green as possible, and we can recommend removing or replicating shrubs if they are in poor health. 

Disease and Insect Care

Tree disease is a fact of life, and we do everything possible to prevent illness and tree death. When you believe something is wrong with your trees or shrubs, contact us for an inspection. 

We start with a treatment that helps prevent insect infestation. This treatment does not harm the trees or shrubs, and insects choose to go elsewhere because we repel them with unique substances. Using this treatment around your property reduces the insects you encounter and makes your home a more pleasant place to visit.

If you believe trees around your property look burnt or have brown patches, you may have fire blight. Because fire blight occurs naturally, you should remain watchful throughout the year. We recommend checking your property at least once a week for any abnormalities. It will not go away on its own, but we can treat fire blight before the tree suffers too much. 

We also offer Emerald Ash Borer treatments as nearly 20% of all trees in the Arvada area are ash trees. The Emerald Ash Borer is an invasive species that can kill ash trees in three to five years. If you notice that a tree’s canopy has no leaves, you may already have an infestation. Contact us today so that we can move quickly and prevent the tree’s death.

It is worth noting that while we are inspecting and treating for insects, we do not treat near beehives. Protecting the bee population is crucial to us and the environment, and we can refer you to a bee specialist once your tree care services are complete. 

Tree Removal and Grinding

Tree removal and grinding help when it is clear a tree cannot be saved. We do everything possible to treat trees when we find insects or disease, but some trees must come down because they are a hazard to you and your neighbors. 

We offer our tree cutting service when:

  • The tree is dead or cannot survive
  • An infestation is causing too much damage
  • We cannot cure a disease
  • The tree is too large
  • We find irreparable storm damage
  • The tree doesn’t suit your landscape design

During removal, we can replant trees that do not fit the design. Every other tree is cut down and removed as quickly as possible. 

Remember that you may love certain trees on your property or feel you cannot afford tree removal, but not cutting down problematic trees causes dangerous situations and even reduces your property’s value. You could receive a citation from the city or county because of these trees. We can tell you if certain parts of your property do not satisfy the local code and help you avoid any issues.

Stump grinding at Tree Trimming Arvada helps you recover land that contains tree stumps. While cutting down trees enables you to protect your property, the stumps get in the way of your landscape designs or could cause injuries. We grind stumps as part of our tree removal process, and we can grind stumps left behind by a previous owner. You can keep the wood chips for mulch, or we will remove everything from your property. 

As we remove trees, we also check for roots that may cause damage to underground pipes or wires. We can call local utilities for help identifying pipes, phone cables, or power lines, and we remove these roots carefully. If a tree on your property causes damage to public utilities, contact us right away. We will work closely with the utility company or other contractors on the scene.

Emergency Tree Services in Arvada

At Tree Trimming Arvada, we know that emergencies can happen at any time. You should not attempt to handle a tree emergency alone, as trees are heavy and dangerous if they fall or cause damage to your home. 

If you believe a tree sustained minor damage during a snowstorm, you can shake it free of snow or look for cracks in the branches or trunk. 

Call our Arvada tree service company at any time when a tree causes injuries, hits a vehicle, or strikes your home. Even if the tree only knocks over a fence, we need to remove that tree as soon as possible. We can cut the tree down completely, break it apart, and remove it from your property. If you have other contractors on the scene, we work closely with them to ensure your home is secure.

If trees bring down power lines in Arvada, you must contact the power company as soon as possible. We focus first on safety, and we can protect your home while the power company goes to work. Our team cannot work in these areas until we know it is safe. If necessary, we will schedule a time to return to your home to handle minor tree damage work that is not dangerous.

Call for Service

Reach out to Tree Trimming Arvada for assistance with any of these services. We can send a certified arborist to your home to review all your concerns. We offer tree services in Arvada that increase curb appeal and makes you proud of the landscaping around your home.